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Is Anthony Joshua the best heavyweight in the world?: Eddie Hearn makes an honest admission to…



Who truly reigns as the world’s best heavyweight boxer? Eddie Hearn has his answer, unwavering in conviction. Despite Tyson Fury’s gritty performance, barely edging out a victory against Francis Ngannou via a split decision, doubts linger. Fury struggled, and the win was through a narrow margin, leaving fans questioning. In stark contrast, Anthony Joshua’s encounter with Ngannou was nothing short of explosive.

Joshua demolished Ngannou, showcasing a devastating power that left the MMA crossover star on the canvas. Hearn, observing both bouts, cast his vote firmly. And his belief in Joshua is not just promoter’s hype; it’s a statement.

Number 1 is Usyk
In the heart of the debate, Eddie Hearn’s words resonate with confidence, painting a clear picture of his stance on the heavyweight boxing hierarchy. “So from performances, in my opinion, Usyk is number one,” Hearn initially concedes, acknowledging Oleksandr Usyk’s formidable prowess, particularly his dual victories over Anthony Joshua. This admission sets the stage for his broader argument, subtly preparing the ground for his main assertion.

However, Hearn quickly pivots, emphasizing his current perspective, “I actually said a couple of weeks ago I think Fury is number one but I actually changed my mind now.” This shift underscores the fluid nature of the sport’s competitive landscape and Hearn’s willingness to reassess based on both fighters’ recent performances.

Delving deeper into his conviction, Hearn articulates, “I can’t say that victory over Franklin, Helenius, Wallin and Ngannou puts him above Usyk because Usyk beat him twice.” His analysis not only highlights Joshua’s recent performances but also contrasts them against Usyk’s achievements

Is it 60-40 for Anthony Joshua against Fury?
Firmly, he asserts his re-evaluated position, stating, “I’m just saying in my opinion right now he is the best heavyweight on the planet right now.” The repetition of “right now” emphasizes the timeliness of his judgment. The interviewer, providing a platform for Hearn’s bold claims, prompts further elaboration on the implications of these opinions for the boxing landscape.

Hearn, undeterred and assertive, responds, “I’ve always believed he beats Fury but right now I cannot see anything but victory over Tyson Fury. So in my opinion right now he is the best heavyweight in the world.“ His confidence in Joshua’s potential to triumph over Fury is unwavering.

Eddie Hearn concludes his emphatic endorsement with a proclamation that encapsulates his unshakeable belief in Anthony Joshua’s supremacy, “I will say whatever the f**k I want to say, which is AJ is the best heavyweight in the world. Now I’ve got believers. People believe if you put a poll out right now who wins Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua I reckon it’d be 50-50 or even 60-40 to AJ.“

This definitive statement, charged with conviction, leaves no room for doubt about his stance or the intensity of his faith in Joshua’s capabilities. So, what do you think? Is Anthony Joshua truly the reigning king of the heavyweight titans, or is there more to the story waiting to unfold in the squared circle?

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