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Known for His Love for Golf, Stephen Curry Becomes Empathetic Following PGA Tour Pro’s Unfortunate Fate at…



The third major tournament is almost in its last leg, and it has been nothing less than exciting so far. Right from the first day, many records have been set at this year’s US Open, including the lowest score of the opening round and a defending champion hitting an ace. Whether it’s the golfers of LIV Golf or the PGA Tour, the players have put on a good show, but that doesn’t apply to every player.

Yesterday, a PGA Tour pro had an unfortunate incident on the golf course, and golf enthusiast Stephen Curry showed empathy toward him.
Stephen Curry empathizes with PGA Tour pro.

Curry, the Golden State Warriors basketball sensation, has made his love for golf quite evident on many occasions. He has been seen teeing it off on various occasions, most recently alongside Jordan Spieth at the Memorial Tournament.

Not only is Curry an avid golfer, but he also likes to support professional golfers. He was among the few NBA players who congratulated Rose Zhang when she won in New Jersey. Now, once again, the golfer has shown support for Cameron Young after he had an unfortunate incident on the golf course in Los Angeles.

The 26-year-old golfer had a very unlucky moment during the third round of the 123rd US Open, and the PGA Tour shared glimpses of it on its official Instagram account. A series of pictures were posted showing that Young’s ball had landed inside the golf cart holder. Despite the remarkable hole-in-one and the lowest-ever opening-round score, Young’s shot will be remembered for years to come.

What caught everyone’s attention was the comment made by the NBA star under the post. Empathizing with the golfer, he wrote, “Been there before 🙌🏽.” It seems that in his many golfing moments, Stephen Curry has had quite a few experiences.
As the young golfer made the shot, what actually happened that caused the ball to land in a golf cart?

Cameron Young’s unfortunate yet hilarious fate
The golfer started his third round of the day well, but as he reached the midpoint of the game, something unexpected occurred. As he made the shot, the ball started hurtling toward the patrons in Los Angeles but ended up in a very peculiar place.

There was a stationary golf cart more than 300 yards away, and the ball landed right in the designated ball-holding space in the cart. The incident was unfortunate, but as the golfer went to inspect the landing position of his ball, he couldn’t help but crack a little smile. Even the commentators found the incident quite hysterical.

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