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Ferrari Compels Maria Sharapova to Swallow Her Words After Committing Another Blunder at the…



Maria Sharapova was given the responsibility to present Max Verstappen with the pole position award. She then posted a story with Neymar Jr who was being hosted by Red Bull. However, as Maria Sharapova decided to post a story about Ferrari, the Tennis star might be forced to take her words back looking at blunders committed by the Scuderia. What did Maria Sharapova post? What was the Ferrari blunder?

Ferrari and the Monaco strategy mess-ups made their way into 2023. The strategy to pit Charles Leclerc multiple times during the 2022 Monaco GP cost him the race win. And then to top it off they double-stacked Leclerc behind Sainz meant the Monegasque finished P4 in 2022. This year again the strategy went against the Ferrari drivers who felt they had the pace to be on the podium.

During the first round of pitstop, Esteban Ocon performed an undercut on Carlos Sainz and managed to stay ahead of him. Carlos Sainz who asked the team to undercut Ocon was made to pit in a lap later, which meant the overtaking opportunity was lost. The Spaniard was furious with the team on the radio who explained that they were covering Lewis Hamilton behind him rather than thinking about overtaking Ocon.

Maria Sharapova was amongst many celebrities including Tom Holland and Neymar Jr who were present at this year’s star-studded Monaco GP. The Ferrari pit crew again double-stacked this year when the rain arrived. Thankfully it was smoothly performed this year, unlike last year. Maria Sharapova posted a story on her Instagram in which the Ferrari pit box along with the pit crew can be seen double-stacking the driver. The caption to the story was “Teamwork at its best.🙌”

However, this double stack was a lap too late as Hamilton and others around the Ferrari drivers had already stopped a lap earlier on a track that was getting wetter by every second. Both Leclerc and Sainz lost time and finished the race P6 and P8 respectively. Sharpova’s statement of Teamwork at its best doesn’t really apply if we look at the bigger picture.

Carlos Sainz was frustrated with the Monaco GP result

It was evident during the practice and qualifying sessions that Ferrari was quick around Monaco. However, the race did not turn out the way Scuderia wanted. Carlos Sainz expressed his frustration through the radio. However, he corrected himself suggesting that he exaggerated a bit on the radio. But the frustration was still there. He concluded by advising that the team did not get it right this time.

According to, Carlos Sainz said “I was frustrated. But don’t judge for the comments on the radio at 300kph at Monaco, in the walls, we are all a bit… either frustrated or excited, however you want to call it. Today, for me, it was a bit of frustration. It was two critical pitstops, one we did it too late and one we did too early, but that’s Monaco. A bit of a lottery, and today maybe we didn’t get it right.”

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