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I’m free to spread my wings: despite their split Gisele Bündchen Found Pride in Ditching…



It was 2007 when Gisele Bündchen last walked the Met Gala red carpet solo. 16 years later, she went back to her Lone Ranger mode as she once again graced the event without her ex-husband and NFL icon Tom Brady by her side. The former NE Patriots quarterback and the Brazilian supermodel ended their 13-year marriage in October 2022. Brady still allegedly feels the blues occasionally. However, Gisele Bündchen’s sources have provided some shocking revelations from inside her camp.

In a conversation with the National Enquirer, as per OK Magazine, sources close to the former Victoria’s Secret bombshell laid out her true feelings after the divorce. While Brady could harbour some regret for how things ended, the same can’t be said for the mother of his two children.

Gisele Bündchen had no lingering feelings about TB12 after their divorce.
Brady and Bündchen announced their amicable split late last October on their Instagram accounts. The duo swiftly jumped back into their professional lives. Brady played his last season quarterbacking the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, while $400 million-worth Gisele Bündchen marked an incredible return to the fashion industry. And based on how things have worked out for her after her divorce, Gisele has no second thoughts about divorcing Brady back then.

“Gisele is proud of herself for finding the courage to do the right thing for herself and for Tom. There have been some hard times when she’s missed him terribly. But she’s focused on living her best life,” an insider close to Bündchen said. Another source explained that the 42-year-old Brazilian supermodel even chose a unique dress for this year’s Met Gala that perfectly expressed her individuality. “She picked the dress because it made her feel free and powerful. Everyone was talking about how radiant Gisele looked. She was the life of the party. And clearly sent the message that she’s ready to spread her wings,” the source said.

Brady has also been quite busy himself. With multiple investment headlines in an array of sports, TB12’s focus is on driving his $300 million net worth up. However, according to some recent rumors coming out of Brady’s camp, the 7x Super Bowl champion still got the blues.

To make things spicier, there was even some jealousy involved.

Is Tom Brady jealous of Gisele’s comeback to stardom?
Bündchen’s sources claimed a blissful career-oriented path for the 42-year-old supermodel. However, Brady’s sources did not share the same optimism about the quarterback’s state of mind. According to a Radar Online piece, insiders from Brady’s camp claimed that “seeing Gisele flourish solo is eating away at him.” They also allegedly claimed that Brady wanted to “make Gisele jealous and project the image that he’s a happy bachelor who’s got it made.”

The truth behind these allegations cannot be ascertained, as Brady hasn’t publicly addressed the matter. Despite the rumored differences, the ex-couple are doing quite well in their respective fields. Gisele even left a heartwarming message on Brady’s retirement post, showing that the duo indeed share a cordial relationship. Despite the competitive mindset, it’s nothing but love for Benny and Vivian’s superstar parents.

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