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World No. 1 Nelly Korda Makes an Unfortunate Announcement



Golf as a sport is exquisite, but that doesn’t overpower its intensity. While this intensity can drive the players to perform at their best, it also comes at a cost! These consequences often challenge the physical and mental strength of an individual. Not just that, sometimes, just like any other sport, its competitiveness may lead to injuries, exertion, and hence withdrawal.

This time, it is the American golf icon Nelly Korda who fell prey to these daunting consequences of the sport. In her recent Instagram story, the World No. 1 shared some disheartening news with her followers, and the cause was none other than a side effect of the intense sport.
Nelly Korda withdraws from the upcoming tournament

On Monday, the 2020 Olympic gold medalist shared an update with the golf community on Instagram. The story was not just a heartbreaking announcement but also an important update about her health. The LPGA star declared online that she has withdrawn from the Mizuho Americas Open this week.

The 24-year-old went on to update her fans about the reason for her withdrawal too, and unfortunately, it concerned her health. She wrote, “I have made the decision to withdraw from the next week’s tournament at the advice of my medical team to address pain in my back.” While injuries and physical issues are part of a sports career, it is disheartening to see one of the world’s best golfers not be able to compete in New Jersey.

Following her disheartening announcement, the LPGA star went on to comfort the fans with her next words. “We are working on a treatment plan to ensure I’m back to 100% soon for the remainder of the exciting season ahead,” she stated, and she thanked all her loyal fans for their support and understanding in this time of need!

Not the first Korda sister to withdraw because of back pain
It is no news that the Korda sisters share a unique bond with each other. The same appears to apply to their careers as well as their injuries! Jessica and Nelly are both phenomenal golfers and have showcased some rare talent over the past few years. However, neither of them has been spared from the consequences of sports. The athletes have suffered from ill health previously as well.

Just like her sister, Jessica Korda also encountered a similar issue. Last year, the 6-time LPGA title winner had to withdraw from the rest of the golf season due to a severe back injury. She informed the viewers that her doctors had recommended complete rest in order to minimize the harm. Moreover, this was not the first severe injury suffered by Jessica that year. Early on in February 2022, the LPGA golfer had to withdraw from the Drive On Championship because of a sprained rib.

The similarities between the situations do not end there. Jessica also reassured her fans in a similar manner as her sister and promised that she would make a stronger and healthier comeback. While it may be true that the Korda siblings have been unfortunate to face such situations. which have led to their withdrawals from the golf tournaments, we cannot deny the fact that to play one’s best game, the individual must be in their optimum shape. That is exactly what applies here!

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