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Loving them is…: Roger Federer reveals his two favorite F1 drivers



Roger Federer was present at the F1 GP in Miami. The Swiss Maestro also revealed there are his two favorite F1 drivers. Although Roger spoke of the incredible work of Max Verstappen, he preferred the Mercedes drivers, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, snubbing the Dutch world champion.

During an interview for Sky Spoer, the Swiss Maestro said: “This is my third time, yes. I was in Abu Dhabi, the big race with Hamilton and Nico Rosberg at the time, and then I did qualifying in Barcelona on last year, which I really enjoyed.

He’s been a little more relaxed away from the big race then now here, so it’s a lot of fun to be back, finally having some time to do things like that as well.” Federer praised his dominance over the past two seasons, but he talked about Hamilton and Russell, and shared his desire for Hamilton to do well despite qualifying not going well.

Federer also recalled that Russell attended the Laver Cup in September, where he played his last match before ending his 24-year career: “I also saw George at the Laver Cup, he came to London for my big end and I’ve shown him around, I was the host, so now he’s sort of a guest here.

So I wish him well, but obviously Max is doing an incredible job at the moment.” Federer added: “I still hope Lewis has a great race here and hopefully another great season. It has been fantastic, I also got to meet Lewis on many occasions.”

Latests on Roger Federer
A guest on Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show last December, Roger Federer explained that he will try not to abandon the world of tennis after his retirement.

Of the two paths indicated by the Swiss champion during the interview, the one that would take him to the control room to follow some of the biggest events seems to be the most viable path. Federer, as declared by the journalist Sue Barker, could in fact join the team of BBC commentators in view of the next edition of Wimbledon.

As revealed by the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, the Swiss visited the All England Club for the second time in a few months last week. A visit that turns into a significant clue in the light of the indiscretions published by the major newspapers.

“Federer was seen at the All England Club last week. This is his second visit in recent months. Wimbledon are exploring and considering what role Federer will play in the future but this has yet to be determined,” wrote Mail Online Sport’s Mike Dickson on his Twitter account.

Federer himself told a very amusing anecdote about his penultimate visit to Wimbledon. The 20-time Grand Slam champion was blocked at the entrance by one of the security men who did not recognize him.

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