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Everything to Know About Tiger Woods and Erica Herman’s Messy Split: $30 Million…



From love to legal action. Tiger Woods’ split from girlfriend Erica Herman was revealed when the former restaurant owner sued the pro golfer.

Herman filed a lawsuit in October 2022 alleging that Woods — whom she began dating in 2017 — used “trickery” to kick her out of his home after their split in fall 2022. In court documents obtained by Us Weekly in March 2023, Herman claimed that Woods’ alleged actions violated their “oral tenancy agreement” which gave her “the right to live” in the athlete’s Hobe Sound, Florida, home for “a certain duration of time.”

Elsewhere in the suit, Herman alleged that Woods’ employees encouraged her to take “a short vacation” only to inform her at the airport that she’d been “locked out” of the PGA star’s residence and could not return.

The Florida native is suing the Woods’ trust — the titleholder on his home — for $30 million, claiming that the sum represents the “reasonable rental value” of her ex’s residence for the remaining five years of their alleged oral tenancy agreement.

Herman also filed separate documents in March 2023 attempting to nullify a non-disclosure agreement that Woods had her sign when the pair began their relationship.

“Because of the aggressive use of the Woods NDA against her by the Defendant and the trust under his control, the Plaintiff is unsure whether she may disclose, among other things, facts giving rise to various legal claims she believes she has,” read court documents obtained by Us.

The filing added that Herman felt “unsure what other information about her own life she may discuss or with whom.”

The University of Central Florida alum cited the Speak Out Act — which “prohibits the judicial enforceability of a nondisclosure clause or nondisparagement clause agreed to before a dispute arises involving sexual assault or sexual harassment in violation of federal, tribal, or state law,” per Congress — as grounds for nullifying the NDA. Herman and Woods have not publicly addressed their split or the lawsuit. Us has reached out to their reps for comment.

Prior to their tumultuous breakup, Herman stood by the World Golf Hall of Famer’s side after a February 2021 car accident left him with severe leg injuries.

“Erica dropped everything to be with Tiger the moment she heard what happened,” a source exclusively told Us at the time of the incident. “She’s been by his bedside, holding his hand and telling him everything’s going to be OK. He’s a champ and he’s got this. She’s been so compassionate and supportive — all his friends and family have. He couldn’t have asked for more in that regard.”

Woods previously sparked controversy in 2009 when he was caught cheating on then-wife Elin Nordegren with several women. The exes — who share daughter Sam, born in 2007, and son Charlie, born in 2009 — finalized their divorce in 2010. The California native sought treatment for sex addiction amid the scandal.

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Tiger Woods’ Trust Responds to the Lawsuit
Woods’ trust filed documents to dismiss Herman’s complaint in November 2022.

In the response, the entity claimed that per Herman’s NDA with Woods, she was required to resolve “any and all disputes, claims or controversies” with the golfer through confidential arbitration.

“By suing the Trust rather than Mr. Woods, Ms. Herman seeks to evade her obligation to adjudicate her claims in a confidential arbitration and, instead, seeks to gain leverage by litigating her disputes with Mr. Woods in a public forum,” the documents read.
The Trust also denied the existence of an oral tenancy agreement.

“In reality, Ms. Herman was invited to live in the Residence while she was in a relationship with her former boyfriend,” the response claims. “After Mr. Woods recently terminated the relationship, Ms. Herman was advised that she was no longer welcome in the Residence.”

Erica Herman Cites Sexual Harassment in Court Documents
Herman filed court documents in March 2023 attempting to nullify an NDA that Woods had her sign in 2017.

The businesswoman claimed that the agreement was “invalid and unenforceable,” citing the Speak Out Act — which “prohibits the judicial enforceability of a nondisclosure clause or nondisparagement clause agreed to before a dispute arises involving sexual assault or sexual harassment in violation of federal, tribal, or state law,” per Congress.

Tiger Woods Slams ‘Meritless’ Speak Out Act Reference
Woods called out Herman’s “meritless” reference to the Speak Out Act, which protects victims of sexual abuse, in March 2023 court docs obtained by Us. In the filing, he referred to his ex as “a jilted ex-girlfriend who wants to publicly litigate specious claims in court, rather than honor her commitment to arbitrate disputes in a confidential arbitration proceeding.”

He further argued that citing the congressional act was “a transparent abuse of the judicial process that undermines the purpose of the federal statute and those whom the statute seeks to protect.”

Relationship ‘Breakdown’ Before Split
As the pair’s legal drama continued to make headlines, a source exclusively told Us that Woods and Herman had “a breakdown in their relationship” before calling it quits. “Erica thought Tiger was never at home, and Tiger thought Erica was spending too much and living too lavish of a lifestyle,” the insider explained, noting that the now-exes “started out very strong” when they began dating.

When it comes to her lawsuit, the insider told Us that Herman “feels entitled to a payout for how much she helped” Woods throughout their romance. However, she’s “hoping [Tiger] settles” before the case heads to court.

Erica Herman Sues Tiger Woods for $30 Million
In October 2022, Herman sued Woods’ trust for $30 million, claiming that the World Golf champion violated an oral tenancy agreement that she could live at his residence for a “certain duration of time” in exchange for performing “valuable services.”

In the documents, Herman alleged that she was “locked out” of the home “by trickery” when there were five years left of her oral agreement with Woods. She claimed that $30 million represented “the reasonable rental value” of the property for the remaining five years of the alleged agreement.

Erica Herman Accuses Tiger Woods of Sexual Harassment
May 2023, Herman filed new court documents alleging that Woods sexually harassed her shortly after she began working at his Florida restaurant in 2014. Her attorneys alleged that Woods “forced her to sign an NDA” in 2017 or else she would “be fired from her job.” The duo were already in a romantic relationship at that point, but the lawyers pointed out in the filing that “a boss imposing different work conditions on his employee because of their sexual relationship is sexual harassment.”

Herman went on to claim that Woods sexually harassed her again in 2022 when he allegedly kicked her out of their home. “The landlord made the availability of her housing conditional on her having sexual relationship with a co-tenant,” Herman’s attorneys wrote in the court filing. “That conduct amounts to sexual harassment under federal and Florida fair housing laws.

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