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It’s Still Mine: Tiger Woods reveals the fortune behind his leg



Tiger Woods’ astonishing legacy in the history of golf will always be unparalleled. On Saturday, the golfing legend made a record-equalling 23rd cut at the Masters before play was suspended. However, the 15-time major champion Woods was a shadow of his former glorious self at the golf course.

Woods‘ latest decision to withdraw from the tournament hasn’t surprised many, as the golfer battled his leg injury throughout the ongoing event. However, the golfer’s strong sentiments about his struggles are bound to leave behind a lasting impression in the minds of the fans.

Woods says he is fortunate to have his leg

After a harrowing car crash in 2021, Woods’ glorious career has been significantly blighted by injury-related struggles. His hardships became even more evident during the course of the 2023 Masters, wherein bad weather has been a mainstay.

Despite making a huge record on Saturday, the five-time Masters winner struggled throughout the third round before play was halted. The golfer was also seen limping due to the strain on his reconstructed right knee due to the bad weather.

The 47-year-old had earlier talked about his injury-laden leg, sharing that he is fortunate to have it. “I’m very lucky to have this leg,” Woods said. “It’s mine. Yes, it had been altered and there’s some hardware in there, but it’s still mine.” Shedding light on his physical challenges down the road, the golfer remarked, “It’s been tough and will always be tough.”

Five-time champion Tiger Woods withdraws from the Masters
After the rain played spoilsport yesterday, Woods was expected to have a challenging Sunday at the Masters. He was poised to play 29 holes on Sunday, an experience that would have been brutal for the golfer.

However, the golfer has now broken a million hearts after announcing his withdrawal from the competition. Woods took to Twitter to share the disheartening update with his fans, sharing that he had reaggravated his injury. He also gave his best wishes to the golfers competing on Sunday.

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