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Boris Becker details moment he learned of unknown baby after sex in…



Boris Becker has opened up on the highs and lows of his life in a new TV documentary – including the time he famously had sex in the back room of a London restaurant. Boom! Boom! The World vs Boris Becker is out today on Apple TV+ and contains the German star sharing the moment he learned he had fathered a child through the encounter.

Becker is the subject of a new two-part documentary, filmed right up until he was sentenced to 30 months in prison at a London court last April. It chronicles his life before, during and after his time on the pro tennis tour, with the six-time Major champion getting candid about some of his scandals.

One of his most memorable controversies came when he cheated on his first wife by having sex in the back room of London’s Nobu restaurant following his final Wimbledon match. It resulted in Becker fathering a child – his third born and first daughter – and he has now discussed the moment he learned he had an unknown baby following the one-off encounter.

Describing the night he had sex in the restaurant, Becker said he wanted to “celebrate with [his] boys one last time” after playing the final match of his career at Wimbledon in 1999. “We celebrated and I had a couple more drinks and I run into Angela. I’ve met Angela two weeks prior also at Nobu,” he said.

Addressing long-standing reports that he had sex in a cupboard, he added: “Lots of things have been said. I wouldn’t like to go in all the details but I can tell you we went to a back room, and no it wasn’t the cupboard. The cupboard was way too small at Nobu. If you ever go to the cupboard it’s impossible to have any sort of physical activity in the cupboard. We got together, we had sex. I had no number from Angela, I had no contact and that was that.”

But the real story came months later, when Becker was informed that Angela was pregnant and believed he was the father. “Eight months later there was a fax. I remember most of the words, ‘you might not remember me, our last meeting is eight month old, here’s my number, call me,’” the former world No 1 told the camera.

“And I just couldn’t believe [it]. The next week I met Angela in London, rented I think the whole floor of the hotel, I was really under pressure. And she came in and she had a big coat on, she took the coat off and she was heavily pregnant. And she’s just explained to me that I’m the father of this child.

Becker confirmed that he asked for a DNA test, though his story differs from previous reports at the time in which he denied paternity and claimed he only had oral sex with Angela, before conceding that he was the father. The 55-year-old continued: “And I said well, I believe you, he had sex.

“But you have the baby and then we go to the doctors and we make a DNA test and if it’s my baby I’m responsible for it, I will look after it. Period.” It was previously reported that Becker acknowledged he was the father of his daughter Anna in February 2001.

But he went on to bring Anna to his holiday home to introduce her to his two sons Noah and Elias. Becker went on to have another son – Amadeus Benedict Edley Luis Becker – with ex-wife Sharlely Kerssenberg in 2010.

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