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Frenchman analyzes the differences between Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz



Coach Patrick Mouratoglou with one of his usual instagram videos where the various players on the circuit and their characteristics, this time focused on two in particular: Carlos Alcaraz and Novak Djokovic, in short, not just any two.

In this first part of the season, the two tennis players have repeatedly passed the scepter of record holder in the ATP world ranking with the Murciano who, after being eliminated in the semifinals by Jannik Sinner in Miami last week, relinquished the number one position in the world to Serbian.

In the video posted on his official instagram profile, Mouratoglou thus analyzed the differences between the two. The French tennis coach explained: “The best player in the world is number 1 in the world, and it is Novak Djokovic.

If Alcaraz is number 1 tomorrow, we could say that it is Alcaraz. I think Carlos is once again an incredible player and I have no doubts that he will be number 1 for years. But for now it’s impossible not to say that Novak is the best.

He is unable to play many tournaments due to non-vaccine reasons, and technically he is still the No. 1. Novak will likely be the GOAT. He’s a guy who’s been winning Grand Slams for 15 years. He arrived at a time when Rafa and Roger were winning everything, and he was able to reach those positions, beat them both and become no.

1. I think Carlos is more impressive than Novak in terms of the tennis he plays. He’s got so much power, he’s so physically explosive.” The former trainer of Serena Williams then concluded the video by talking again about the young Iberian tennis player: “I understand that people already want to put Carlos above him, but he’s not there yet.” The Spaniard will not be present at the 1000 in Monte Carlo due to an injury, at the same time Novak Djokovic is ready to return to the field after missing the two 1000 due to his status as unvaccinated against covid-19.

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