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What might be causing his injury woes: It appears to be in Alcaraz’s nature to doggedly go after everything but…



The coaching team of Carlos Alcaraz are reportedly trying to get him to stop chasing every ball.
It appears to be in Alcaraz’s nature to doggedly go after everything but at least one member of his team feels that might be causing his injury woes.
Alcaraz’s suffered a strained hamstring that has forced him to withdraw from Acapulco but he is expected to be in the draw for Indian Wells.

Interim coach Martínez Cascales remarked on Alcaraz’s desire to chase down everything.
Cascales believes the coaching team will have to walk a tightrope to discourage efforts that prove in vanenand maintaining the fighting spirit of the former world No 1.

He feels that Alcaraz will bounce back from the injury stronger and smarter.
“Carlitos is fine, he knows that these things sometimes happen in tennis, but it’s always hard to stop when you really want to play,” Cascales commented.
“He came (to Acapulco) after several accumulated matches, so you are even more excited to continue playing, but sometimes these things happen.”

Cascales said that Alcaraz just cannot help himself on court and is really up for trying to chase down everything.

“The team is studying the situation, although for me the first explanation lies in his very explosive style of play, which is often excessive in terms of the number of balls he chases in the same play. (This is) something that even happens in training,” he said.

“It is a very important characteristic in his DNA, one of the reasons that has led him to be what he is and that has led him to be at the ranking that he is at so young. Obviously, as he grows, it (his body) will regulate this issue a little better, although it will always be like that.’
“The team that surrounds him is trying to improve this aspect, but without losing that spirit and philosophy that has led him to the top.”

Alcaraz has been warned against becoming obsessed with being ranked No 1 and Cacales reinforced the notion that his charge should be out to win and entertain and not simply turn up.
“If we start to worry about this when we are so young, it means that we are not with our feet on the ground, the reality is that you should not worry at all,” said Cascales.

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