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Why always me?: Novak Djokovic get furious at being questioned for faking injury



Novak Djokovic is reportedly ‘annoyed’ at being questioned about a hamstring injury which caused suspicions at the Australian Open. The Serbian was accused of ‘playing up’ his injury after needing multiple medical time outs across his first three matches of the tournament.

The 35-year-old suffered the hamstring injury during his Adelaide International semi-final in the build-up to the opening Grand Slam tournament of the season. Despite progressing through the early rounds Djokovic claimed the injury was “not good at all” following his second-round match and reiterated that there were times that his hamstring felt “really bad” in his third-round tie.

However, as the tournament progressed Djokovic showed less sign of any injury and went on to win his 10th Australian Open title at Melbourne Park. Tournament director Craig Tiley claimed that the Serbian won his 22nd Grand Slam crown after suffering a three-centimetre hamstring tear.
Despite his comments others, including five-time Australian Olympics basketball player Andrew Gaze, were more suspicious. He told SEN’s The Run Home: “That’s a sizeable tear when it comes to the hamstring in particular.

“I find it very hard to believe, that’s for sure. The improvement he got from a three-centimetre tear to where he got at the end of the tournament, it’s a remarkable healing process he went through.”
French tennis star Gilles Simon has now told Serbian newspaper Alo! that Djokovic is ‘annoyed’ at those who raise suspicion around his performances. He said: “He’s (Djokovic) always being interrogated, and it annoys him. They don’t have to try to justify themselves, it just feeds them.

“Some will defend him no matter what. Others will attack him. Federer too. They’re so big they’re dealing with these things.” Simon believes that Djokovic and joint Grand Slam record holder Rafael Nadal are that far ahead of the remaining players that they can afford to compete below their best.

He added: “We think they ‘tease’ us when they win a Grand Slam. But winning a Grand Slam is their level. They’re so ahead against us that even when they’re not at their maximum, they win. They’re the strongest. When they’re at 70 percent, it’s like when the rest of us are at our peak.”

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